How It Works

  1. Choose the kind of placement you want:
  • Internship for university third year abroad
  • Work placement for university holidays
  • Work placement for gap year
  • Something else (contact me with details)
  1. Choose the type of work you want:
  • Tourism (hotel, youth hostel, holiday village, winery) –reception and office work, guiding visits, waiting tables, children’s play-worker, entertainer
  • Sales and marketing (office)
  • Teaching English (primary school)
  • Something else (contact me with details)
  1. Choose how long you want to work in France for– from 1 month to 1 year.
  2. Complete and submit your application form and pay your deposit. I’ll get looking for the right placement for you straight away.
  3. Choose your placement from the shortlist (take part in an informal Skype interview if required) and make your payment.
  4. Go to France and boost your French!

Below are some of the most common questions I get asked, but if there is something missing then please get in touch.

Are there any requirements?

You must be 18 or over when the placement starts.

You must have a UK or EU passport.

You must be able to speak French to at least lower-intermediate level (no beginners, sorry).

How much does it cost?

1 to 3 months placement: £190

4 months+ placement or multiple placements (up to 1 year): £290

You’ll need to pay a £20 deposit (non-refundable) when you submit your application form. The fee is then due in full when/if you accept your placement from the shortlist (of 1-3 placements).

Most placements and internships include free accommodation, arranged in advance for you. And most work is paid.

Please note: The fee does not cover your travel expenses to France.

Where in France are the placements?

All over. Usually in places where French people like to go on holiday.

Can I choose multiple placements in different parts of France?


Are the placements full-time or part-time?

Most placements are full-time (35 hours a week).

Will I need to have an interview?

In most cases, no. If an introduction is needed, it will be in French over Skype.

If I contact my employer, should I use French?

Yes. (And remember to use formal French.)

Can I go on a placement with a friend?

Yes. If your friend has the necessary level of French too and meets the other requirements.

Will I be with people my own age?

Most placements will be in workplaces with people of all ages, so you’ll be able to make friends and socialise.

Can I have a placement with 99% French staff and customers?


What happens if I’m not happy on the placement?

If possible, first talk to your employer. If you can’t resolve your issues, you can call me (7 days a week) or email me. In some cases (long-term placements) I will offer a new placement free of charge.

Do I need to open a French account in France?

No. It’s not necessary.

When should I apply?

The sooner the better. Especially for summer holiday placements and long-term internships.